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Bookings Now Available – Save Today on 2018 Bostin’ Ride Cycling Sportive Events

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Here at Bostin’ Ride, we are happy to let our customers know that we have a great line-up of four cycling events for the coming 2018 season. In this post, we will explain how our price structure works, and also how if you book now, you can save a considerable amount of money on the cost of a cycle sportive.

Our standard price is always available, right up until approximately two weeks before the event takes place. If you want to book a single cycle sportive, and you have missed our other discount offers, then this is the price you will pay.

If you decide you want to ride in a cycle sportive during the two weeks running up to the event, then you will need to pay our last-minute price. This is slightly higher than our standard price, so book early to save on this extra cost.

If you turn up at the event when it is about to start, you will have to pay the on the day price. This is the highest price of all, and we really don’t recommend this option, you are far better off booking early to save money.

So, this is our standard three-tier price structure. Standard price, and then a higher last-minute pricing during the two weeks leading up to the cycle sportive, with the on the day price being the highest of all.

Book Now to Save on Your Choice of Cycle Sportive

Until the 7th of January 2018, we are offering a special launch week discount. Only customers who make a purchase between the 1st of January and the 7th of January will receive this discount.

Therefore, if you already know that you will be joining us for a cycle sportive during the 2018 season, you can save more if you book now. We won’t be repeating this discount offer again this year. If you want to gain the best saving on one or more cycling events with Bostin’ Rides in the coming year, we advise that you book now to take advantage of this launch week discount.

And finally, some additional information on our multi-event deals, which give access to a number of cycling events in a single package, which helps you save on the price. We are offering two multi-event deals this year. The Bostin’ Series which includes all four cycle sportive events, and the Bostin’ Bundle which allows entrance into any three of our four cycling events in 2018. And if you book now, we will even give you our launch week discount on the price of these multi-event deals. This will mean you will pay a far lower price than booking the events individually.

Great sportives, in great locations - picturesque routes, great service and enjoyable from start to finish - join us soon!