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New Photographer Announced for Bostin’ Ride Cycle Sportives

Bostin’ Ride are delighted to announce that Neil Taylor Media will be in attendance at all four Bostin’ Ride sportives this year as our official cycling event photographer.  So that you know who the crazy man with the camera is at the side of the road is we asked Neil to introduce himself to you, in his own words ….

Neil Taylor Media

“I’m Neil and I will be photographing all the action this year at the Bostin’ Ride events. I have been a freelance photographer for 5 years now and I have photographed a variety of Sports, Wildlife and Architecture. Some of you may have come across me before on the Evans Ride It Events.

The Monday before an event I will put a post on the Bostin’ Ride Facebook page with a link to where the photos will be after the event.

On the day of an event I will position myself along the Bronze route, before the Silver and Gold routes breakoff. This will give the best chance of photographing everyone at least once. I will be wearing a yellow hi-vis jacket and I will put up a yellow “photographer ahead” sign approximately 100m in front of myself so you have some warning that I am near. As you pass me you can smile and wave, but please make sure it is safe to do so as there may possibly be traffic trying to overtake you as you pass me. If time and weather allow I will move to a second location to photography as many of you as I can on your return to the finish. I can’t guarantee that I can get everyone at this stage as the faster Bronze riders may well have past the point I will be photographing from.

After the event, I will upload the photos to my website as quickly as possible, this is usually complete by the Monday morning after the event. The photos will be available to purchase as a hi-res (approx. 20 MP) download for £5.99 per photo. My website uses PayPal to process transactions and once complete my website will issue an email (which may take up to 24hrs for you to receive) with download links to your photos. These links will remain active for 10 days. If you haven’t downloaded your images within the 10 days please get in touch I will send your images via WeTransfer.

Once all the photos are up and ready to purchase from my website I will post on the Bostin’ Ride Facebook page with the gallery link as well as some sample photos. They will remain there for at least 1 year.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

See you out there.



We look forward to working with Neil over the coming months.

Great sportives, in great locations - picturesque routes, great service and enjoyable from start to finish - join us soon!