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Bostin’ Ride to trial what3words at the Bostin’ Bridge Sportive

We are looking to trial the use of the free location app “what3words”, at this weekend’s Bostin’ Bridge Sportive, to help you to tell us where you are and for us to get to you directly if you need assistance. For those who do not know every 3m square on the Earth’s surface has been allocated a three word name by what3words. If you provide those three words to us, or the emergency services, then your position is pinpointed accurately and we/they can find you more easily. It also means that you do not have to try and explain where you are on a route, if you need help. Unfortunately, the system is still dependant upon network coverage but it should be easier for all concerned as you may be able to get a text message through to us if you do not have enough signal to place a call. If you haven’t already got the app then download it to your phone, https://what3words.com/products/what3words-app/ and have a play. #bostinbridge #bostinride

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