Our 2022 events are now live!

Are you prepared for the 1st event of the Season?

Bostin Bridge Sportive Cycling Event Image


Our first ride is nearly upon us and it got us thinking…”are we prepped?” Here’s a useful check list for your first event, with some tips and insights for Sportive riding.

1. BIKE CHECK…have you dusted off your bike yet. We hope so and that you have managed to get some winter/training miles in. MTB or Cycle Commuting are a great way of keeping the miles going and mixing it up over the Winter. If you haven’t managed any miles then now is the time to check your bike. The M test is an established way of checking your bike…here Sustran’s have a useful article…


Tighten all bolts, check for play in wheels and cranks, check tyres, pump up tyres and adjust brakes, if you follow the M test now, you will not get any nasty surprises at the start, or during, a ride!

2. NUTRITION… don’t forget to carry enough food and drink, appropriate to the length of ride. We offer excellent food stations, but it is advisable to graze and drink often on the ride. Experiment with drinks and food that work for you and always remember to take your rubbish home!

3. TOOLS and SPARES…what should I carry? It’s really a personal preference, but we would recommend this as a minimum…

1 x spare tube, pump or canister,and multi tool…we also carry a split or magic link for chains, tyre levers and a couple of Zip ties for running repairs. These can be carried in a spare drinks bottle on the bike, in a seat pack or your jersey pockets, personally we like to carry most items on the bike, leaving jersey pockets for mobile phone, bank card and food.

4. CLOTHING…good quality and comfortable bib shorts are a must and with the variable weather this time of year it’s advisable to wear or carry a light weight Gillet, Jacket or base layer…items that can be removed or put back depending on the conditions. A cycling jersey is also recommended as these are made to be both comfortable and practical when riding, with sweat-wicking materials and rear pockets for carrying essentials. If you don’t already have one, or fancy a change, then check out our Bostin’ Cycling Jerseys. Over-shoes may also be useful on a wet and cold morning, but we certainly hope that Spring is going to be with us for the Bostin’ Chase Sportive, on the 7th of April.

All the event details are @ https://bostinride.com/bostin-chase-sportive-2019/ and we will be accepting registration on the day!

Last of all…Have Fun!

Great sportives, in great locations - picturesque routes, great service and enjoyable from start to finish - join us soon!