Our 2022 events are now live!

How to transfer your 2020 booking

If you entered one of our 2020 postponed events then your entry/ies have been converted to Transfer Credits which will enable you to enter our 2021 events.

This procedure was a complicated process to sort out as riders who had already booked a place with us had paid different amounts depending on the date they booked or the discounts they took at the time. Some would have paid an early-bird price, a standard price, taken a multi-rider discount price or a multi-event price and transferring to a new event with a different ticket price would have led to the booking system asking riders to pay the difference. This is unacceptable and so we have put in place a process where nobody pays any more to take part in our 2021 events as a result of these unfortunate postponements.

To use your Transfer Credit and book a place in a future Bostin’ Ride event please follow the steps below:

  1. Log into your Race Space account with the email address you used to purchase your ticket with.
  2. Once logged in, either on the page itself or from the drop-down menu which appears when you put your mouse over your name in the top right corner, you will see My Transfers. Select this.
  3. On the next page you are taken to, you will see your credit amount and to the right you will see in red writing See Eligible Events. Select this.
  4. On the next page you will see all the live events you are eligible to register for.
  5. Select the event and Book Now on the route, registering your ticket as you would normally.
  6. Before selecting Complete Payment in the Summary section (see screenshot below or attached) you will see a green bar which reads Select Transfer Credit. Select this drop-down menu to apply your transfer credit. NOTE: If you are doing this process from a mobile then you will need to select Checkout on the registration page and on the next page you will see the option to add your credits.


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