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Cycling Sportives and Cycle Event Deals with up to 50% off 2018 Cycling Events

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With the new year almost upon us, it is time for us here at Bostin’ Ride to roll out our new range of deals on cycling events. We have some great discounts and vouchers about to become available on a range of events and cycling sportives, which you will find detailed below.

Bostin’ Rides Pricing Explained

We will offer a three-tier price structure in 2018. The standard price found on our website is the non-discounted price. However, these standard prices can be reduced, by taking advantage of one of our discount vouchers.

  • Standard price – our basic tariff, available to all customers.
  • Last minute price – if you book one of our cycling events shortly before the day it takes place, you will pay a higher price than standard.
  • On the day price – turning up on the day that the event takes place, if places are still available, is the most risky and least cost-effective way to book one of our cycling sportives. The on the day price is the highest of all.

Launch Week Discount Price

Last year we offered a 24 hour sale, this year we have a launch week offer. For customers who book their cycling sportive within 7 days of the event launch, the standard price is discounted. This discount can be combined with our other offers to secure the best deal possible.

New Discount Deals for Cycling Events in 2018

Next year, which is only a few days away, will see Bostin’ Ride launch two completely new discounts. These are alternative deals for riders who would like to join us for several cycling events during the year.

The Bostin’ Series Discount

This is our largest discount, offering major savings over our standard prices. By taking advantage of this deal, you will gain access to all four of our cycling events, at a full 25% discount. That means your ride four events but only pay for three! Additionally, you will be given a 10% reduced price voucher on our new range of Bostin’ Ride branded merchandise. This is the best value deal we have available.

The Bostin’ Bundle Discount

The Bostin’ Ride Bundle is very similar to the Bostin’ Series Bundle. This discount gives a rider access to any three of our four cycling events, at a 15% discount. This deal also grants customers a 10% reduced price voucher for our Bostin’ Rides merchandise.

Combine Discounts on Cycling Sportives for Maximum Savings

Now here is the best news about our 2018 discounts on cycling events. Customers can combine discounts to get the best price possible on our cycling sportives.

For example, if you were to purchase our Bostin’ Series Bundle during launch week, you would receive a massive 50% discount on the standard prices for these events. The total price for the bundle is actually cheaper than our best discount offered in 2017, and that offer only included access to a single event!

We think that we have come up with some truly impressive discount deals on our cycling events for the 2018 season. Be sure to book as soon as you can, to make sure you receive the best discount possible.

Great sportives, in great locations - picturesque routes, great service and enjoyable from start to finish - join us soon!