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Bostin' Event Information

At the feed stations we will provide riders with a warm greeting, water, tea, coffee, cakes, biscuits, chairs, toilets, first aid and a shoulder to cry on, if required – all subject to availability.

Our sportives are ‘country lane’ sportive, as we try to keep riders away from busy main roads, and the routes use quiet country lanes wherever possible. We will always try and use good quality tarmaced lanes but riders should appreciate that it is not a race, speed is not of the essence and so they should come prepared to ride within their own capabilities and be aware of the inherent hazards of riding such country lanes (blind bends, oncoming traffic, tractors, standing water, uneven surfaces, mud, gravel, pot holes, etc).

The event is open to anyone riding a suitably maintained road legal bicycle, with working brakes (ie. no track bikes please), powered by a chain.

Many people will use road bikes to ride sportives but, certainly for the shorter events, a hybrid or mountain bike would be okay.

Tandems are accepted but the entry fee applies to each rider and not each bike.

Participants are responsible for their own bike and equipment. The bike must be fully roadworthy and propelled solely through a chain set, by the legs (or Hand Cycle – see below) without any other assistance.

Typically sportive riders will use a road bike when participating in an event, however some participants may prefer to ride a hybrid, mountain bike, cyclo-cross bike or tandem etc, which are all fine within a personal challenge event.

The use of the below are not permitted in British Cycling registered non-competitive events:

Recumbent cycles
Electric bicycles
Triathlon / time trial bars or other similar bar extensions
Disc wheels or tri-spokes
Penny farthings

Hand Cycles

Hand cycling is for riders who normally require a wheelchair for general mobility and are not able to use a conventional bicycle because of a disability. It is advised that hand cyclists ensure they are visible on the roads, e.g. the use of a vertical, visible flag placed at the back of the hand cycle.

If you breakdown and are unable to repair you bicycle at the side of the road then call the emergency number, that you will be provided with at registration, and we will send out a vehicle to bring you and you bicycle back to the event HQ.

The route is fully signposted and so it should be difficult to get lost however if you do lose your way then call the emergency telephone number, given to you at Registration, and we will try and get you back on track. We also advise that you carry a copy of the map sent to you by email a few days before the event.

When you are ready to start make your way to the start line.

Riders will be started in the order of queuing.

After the official start time for the particular route, groups of about 15-20 riders will be separated from the front of the queue and they will move forward towards the Starter.

The Starter will check that everyone is wearing a helmet and has a number card displayed on the front of their bicycle. He will then give a short briefing before allowing the group to start their ride.

The riders do not have to ride together and, once started, can ride with whoever they like.

You should arrive at the Event HQ in good time for the start of the route you are planning to ride.

Make you way to the Registration area where you will need find the official who is signing-in riders based on the first letter of your surname (i.e. if your name is John Smith then go to the official handling the “S” riders). Once there you will need to identify yourself and sign against your surname – you will then be given a number card, cable ties (to fasten your number on the front of your bicycle), wristband (which shows the marshals that you are part of the event and gives you access to the feed stations) and anything else we want to give you on the day.

We recommend that riders should come fully prepared for all the eventualities that may occur during the riding of a sportive. Although not exhaustive we would suggest riders bring the following items:

a roadworthy bicycle;
a helmet – you will not be able to take part without one;
suitable clothing for riding in – including wet weather gear;
water bottle, energy gels, energy drink powders;
small first aid kit ;
spare inner tubes and/or tyre repair patches;
tools such as tyre leavers, air pump, allen keys and chain tool;
spare chain links;
printed map of route and possibly applicable OS map;
mobile telephone;
money for public telephones, emergency spares parts, etc; and
money to buy food and drink at HQ or around the course.

We do not issue refunds to riders, nor will we transfer a rider’s entry to a subsequent event, if an entrant is unable to attend an event, for whatever reason, after booking online,

However, through our SiEntries system riders are able to transfer their entry in an event to another rider. Please see Changing or substituting an entrant FAQ for more information.


We appreciate that some riders ride faster than others and that if you suffer from punctures or mechanical issues then your ride could take longer than expected. We try to be fair to all riders with regard to timing however the organisers cannot stay at the HQ indefinitely.

On the day you will be given some guidance as to the closing times of the feed stations and the closing time of the event HQ. However, in general, the organisers aim to be offsite and the gates and car parks will be locked at around 6pm.

If you are unable to finish the ride by this time then you should call the emergency telephone number, that you will be given at registration, and we will see what we can do to help.

No, the Bostin’ Sportives are not races and the riders are not timed.

The event primarily only accepts online entries and these generate email confirmations.

Riders will not receive anything in the post and once entered any communications will be sent by email thereafter.

The day after the online booking system for a particular event closes we will send an email to your registered email address that will enable you to download the final event information, maps and GPX/TCX files.

Your bike number etc will be provided to you at registration on the day.

You can be any age to take part in a Bostin’ Ride.

If you are under 16 years old at the date of the event then you will need to get a parental consent form completed at Registration on the day.

To enter online you must be at least 13 years old to register for an SiEntries login and you must be 18 or over to actually make and pay for activities and purchases.

The route is fully signposted however if you would like to print the routes you will need to click on the link that will be emailed to you a few days before the event.

Clicking on the link will open the “RIDE with GPS” website.

By changing the scale on the map you will then be able to “screen print” the route or look at the route in detail.

You will also receive a simple map in the pre-ride email that will be sent out a few days before the event.

A few days before the event you will be sent an email with links to the SatNav files.

Click on the link and this will then open the “RIDE with GPS” website.

Click on the EXPORT link on the top right-hand-side and follow the instructions to download the data files.

Yes … due to our insurance, everyone must wear a cycle helmet for the duration of the rides …



No you do not need to be a member of British Cycling to take part.

All of our cycle sportives follow the British Cycling guidelines for non-competitive cycling events but they are open to all, British Cycling members and non-members alike.

The event is a sportive and not a race however you will receive a number to be placed on your bike at Registration, on the morning of the event.


The whole event is very tightly controlled in terms of timing for your enjoyment and safety. If you were to leave early then the feed stations, marshals and recovery vehicles will not be ready to assist you. This will not only potentially be unsafe but, more importantly, it will detract from your enjoyment of the event.

Yes, people of any age are allowed to enter. However, under the British Cycling rules children under the age of 16, on the date of the event, must be accompanied by an adult and a parental consent form must be completed at Registration and signed by a parent/guardian.

General Sportive Information

A cycle sportive is a mass participation cycling event which is open to all comers.

They are usually events that are aimed at road bikes and normally will have several choices of route so that riders can choose the distance that they want to ride.

If you enjoy riding a bike, then almost certainly you will enjoy riding in a sportive!

Taking part in a sportive is as enjoyable and pressure-free as you want to make it.

There’s no competition with other riders, you ride at your own pace, to achieve your own personal goals and enjoyment whilst taking in the scenery. If you are new to cycling then completing the distance might be your personal challenge.

Sportives are a great opportunity to meet other riders and ride with a group at your pace too.

The Bostin’ Ride events are sportives and so, accordingly, is a cycling challenge. As far as possible the organisers will make your day as easy and enjoyable as possible by good planning, good signage and good amenities however each rider will need to be able to push their pedals around to make their bike cover their selected distance.

All riders, therefore, should be as fit and as practiced as they feel is necessary to complete their chosen routes. If you are not fit enough to stand a chance of completing the distance or are not comfortable riding on public roads with traffic then you are unlikely to enjoy the day.

Current cycling advice is that a rider should have at least ridden routes of 75% distance a number of times before attempting a sportive – as adrenaline on the day will get them through the other 25% distance.

There is no guarantee that the shorter routes are ‘easier’ than the longer rides as each route will have its own challenges in terms of distance or terrain however the longer the route normally the more tiring the ride will be. Details of the routes, climbs and topography can be found on the website.

Online Entry System

We use SiEntries to administer our online booking system.

To use their system you will first need to register your details to create a login.

Having a login allows them to identify you when you return to their site. This means that you can amend existing entries, enter new events or make new purchases with the minimum of fuss and without having to retype all of your information.

You may only use the SiEntries system for registering your own details and for those of other friends and family who have granted you their permission to do so.

If registering a person under 18 years of age you must obtain permission from the parent or legal guardian of the person you are registering.

SiEntries are an independent company who operate an online entry system which we have contracted with to administer our event bookings.

We use SiEntries to process our online bookings and they will use emails to notify you of all new entries and purchases you make and also to let you know about any last minute or important information about the events you have booked. If you are having trouble receiving emails from them then please check the following things to see if this will resolve your problem:

First check that you have registered for SiEntries with a valid email address and that there are no typos in the address given. This is the most common error they get, so please double-check your details carefully before you do anything else! To check this or if you want to change your registered email address then log onto SiEntries and choose the Update My Details menu option. If you are not sure which email address you have registered with them then you can still log on using the SiEntries ID sent in your original registration email.

If you or your internet service provider use spam checking software then please make sure that their emails aren’t getting put in your spam folder, as some spam software can incorrectly flag their messages up as spam. Also to stop this problem from happening in future make sure that their domain name of is set as a valid sender.

Make sure that your mail box isn’t full. Some providers don’t provide a lot of email space and if they try and send an email to full mailbox it will be bounced back to them. Even if you make space in your mailbox later on any messages already bounced back to them will be lost.

SiEntries uses Global Payments for processing all credit and debit card transactions. After you enter an event or make a purchase you will be directed to a secure page to enter your credit / debit card details. Global Payments will collect and validate this information before redirecting you back to SiEntries. This means that your full credit and debit card details are held solely by Global Payments and are unknown to either SiEntries or Bostin’ Ride. All we hold is the last 4 digits of your card number so we can help resolve any queries you may have about which card you paid with.

You can be any age to take part in a Bostin’ Ride.

If you are under 16 years old at the date of the event then you will need to get a parental consent form completed at Registration on the day.

To enter online you must be at least 13 years old to register for an SiEntries login and you must be 18 or over to actually make and pay for activities and purchases.

SiEntries allows you to enter friends and family without having to register each person with their own independent login. The first time you enter a new person for an activity or purchase you will be asked for either their full details details or, for people who are already registered with SiEntries, you can just give their SiEntries ID, last name and post code. For any subsequent activities or purchases you will be able to pick the person from a list without retyping all of their details. To see who you have registered as friends and family go to the Update My Details page. If there is no “Friends and Family” section visible on this page you have not yet entered anybody for any activities or purchases.

If the contact details of somebody who you added to SiEntries are incorrect you can edit their details. Editing a persons contact details will affect all activities or purchases they have. If you have accidentally set up the same person multiple times you can remove any duplicates by merging them with another person. Merging two people will transfer all of the activities or purchases for the old person to the new person and will delete the old person from the system. You will not be able to edit or merge the details of anybody you entered by specifying an SiEntries ID as they have their own valid SiEntries account and must maintain their own information.

If you no longer wish to see a person on your friends and family list then you can use the Update My Details page to remove them. You will only be able to remove a person if they have no current activities or purchases made by you. If you remove a person from this list you can always add them onto any future activities or purchases in the normal way by either retyping their details from scratch or linking to their SiEntries ID.

Bostin’ Ride allow substitutions (i.e. replacing one participant with another) if an entrant is no longer able to attend. The substitution must be made by the person who made the original entry in SiEntries. If you want to make a substitution for one of your entries then you can check if substitutions are allowed by logging on, then going to the My Entries screen and clicking on the “Edit” Button next to the event in which you want to make the substitution. Next “Edit / Substitute” the person you want to substitute out and select the “Substitute” option. If the Edit / Substitute button does not exist then substitutions are not allowed for this event.

To complete the substitution fill in the details of the new entrant by using one of the three options, making any relevant changes to the club, etc. before completing the entry. The easiest way to do this is to ensure the person being substituted in has registered with SiEntries and that you have their SiEntries ID (the unique number assigned to each person when registering). This not only speeds up the substitution process but also allows the new person to view the entry on SiEntries. You will then need to click on the ‘Save Entry’ button to save the changes. Note that the original entrant still “owns” the entry as the financial history belongs to them, so they will need to make any further amendments to the entry.

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Information about our forthcoming 2019 events will be available here soon, but in the meantime follow us on Facebook and Twitter!