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How do you “Grade” the Difficulty of your Routes

We grade our routes using the same basis as British Cycling grade their routes, therefore trying to provide some commonality in approach.

The formula used for grading is based on the distance of the route and the height of climb. This then produces a number which can be compared against a numerical table to provide a difficulty score. The scores quoted on this website follow the following approach and narrative:

Score 0-99 = Grade 1 – Moderate

Grade 1 routes are great if you are new to cycling as these routes are usually shorter and flatter.

Score 100-199 = Grade 2 – Challenging

If you are new to cycling but want a challenge, Grade 2 routes will offer a rolling route with some challenging aspects.

Score 200-299 = Grade 3 – Difficult

If you are a regular cyclist and looking for a challenging event that won’t break the legs a Grade 3 is the event for you. Usually around 3000-4000 ft of climbing over a middle distance route.

Score 300-449 = Grade 4 – Hard

Grade 4 events are for regular, experienced cyclists. Typically routes of a longer distance with challenging climbs included. Training for Grade 4 events is recommended.

Score 450+ = Grade 5 – Very Hard

Grade 5 routes are not for the faint hearted. They will include very hard climbs, usually over a longer distance. It is recommended to train for events such as these to ensure you are fully prepared. Only a handful of events will have a Grade 5.

(Grading information provided courtesy of British Cycling)

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