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How fit do I need to be?

The Bostin’ Ride events are sportives and so, accordingly, is a cycling challenge. As far as possible the organisers will make your day as easy and enjoyable as possible by good planning, good signage and good amenities however each rider will need to be able to push their pedals around to make their bike cover their selected distance.

All riders, therefore, should be as fit and as practiced as they feel is necessary to complete their chosen routes. If you are not fit enough to stand a chance of completing the distance or are not comfortable riding on public roads with traffic then you are unlikely to enjoy the day.

Current cycling advice is that a rider should have at least ridden routes of 75% distance a number of times before attempting a sportive – as adrenaline on the day will get them through the other 25% distance.

There is no guarantee that the shorter routes are ‘easier’ than the longer rides as each route will have its own challenges in terms of distance or terrain however the longer the route normally the more tiring the ride will be. Details of the routes, climbs and topography can be found on the website.

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