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Not receiving emails?

We use Race Space to process our online bookings and they will use emails to notify you of all new entries and purchases you make and also to let you know about any last minute or important information about the events you have booked. If you are having trouble receiving emails from them then please check the following things to see if this will resolve your problem:

First check that you have registered with a valid email address and that there are no typos in the address given. This is the most common error we get, so please double-check your details carefully before you do anything else! To check this or if you want to change your registered email address then log onto your account, or click the link on your original booking confirmation email.

If you or your internet service provider use spam checking software then please make sure that their emails aren’t getting put in your spam folder, as some spam software can incorrectly flag their messages up as spam.

Make sure that your mail box isn’t full. Some providers don’t provide a lot of email space and if they try and send an email to full mailbox it will be bounced back to them. Even if you make space in your mailbox later on any messages already bounced back to them will be lost.

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