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Taking part in your 1st Sportive?

Bostin' Ride
Sportive Riding for all!
If you have never ridden a sportive, then you’re missing out.
Sportive riding is all about riding with like minded people at your own pace on quiet country lanes. It’s a great way of experiencing group riding without pressure and with the support of planned routes, signage, feed stations and fellow riders. Racer, athlete, leisure rider or casual cyclist, a sportive is a very inclusive way of getting out with friends or making new ones.
Taking the club run or chain gang into the sportive gives you a fully supported ride at a low cost and there’s are real sense of achievement at the end. There’s a great ebb and flow about the ride, when you set off you soon find your rhythm and settle in with riders of a similar ability. That’s what makes sportive riding so wonderfully democratic.
Settle on your kit, spares, food and make sure your bike is in good working order … then point and pedal.
Arrive in plenty of time to register or sign-in on the day. All sportives are different but receiving bike numbers, timing chips, documentation and meeting up with friends all takes time, so factor this in at the start. The best events (including our own..ha ha) are really well organised, making registration smooth, fast and hassle free – you can also grab free refreshments before the off!
Enabling you to roll up and pedal away, stress free!
Quiet country lanes are the road of choice for the best sportives, avoiding major traffic routes is a massive appeal for most riders. These lanes will take the rider through amazing countryside showing them new areas of the country or even wonderful delights on their own doorstep that they didn’t know existed, and there is no better way of seeing wonderful scenery than by bicycle
Great sportives, in great locations - picturesque routes, great service and enjoyable from start to finish - join us soon!